Thursday, January 3, 2013

Star Curves Journey 2

Hello Bloggers. 

I am at it again. As you guys know, 11 months ago, I began using the Star Curves Butt Enhancement Pills to enhance my lower body and butt area. You guys seen that within 5 Months after using the pills, my bottom area grew a lot with just one months supply. I am at it again and I have now began using my second months supply. 

Here are some pics from before I started using my Second Dosage of the Star Curve Pills

                                                              January 3rd 2013

These are all pictures of where i left off after just taking one months supply of Star Curves & are also where i begin in taking my Second Dosage. 

As you know I will give:
 *Before And After Photos
 *Weekly and Bi-Weekly updates and photos
 *Side Effects If Any
 *Answer whatever questions are asked openly and honestly. 

                                           Week One
                                      January 13th 2013

So far i haven't had any side effects or health related issues while taking Star Curves so far. Many people ask me what lightening cream i used on my bottom area. The brand is called "Clair & White". I purchased mine at my local beauty supply.

                                     Week 2 - Week 3
                                     January 25th, 2013

I have now started my 3rd week of taking the pills. These pictures are the most recent of my bottom area. So far I do feel a difference more than i see a difference. It feels more heavier, fuller and has an AMAZING GRIP!!! I think my bottom shows more from the side rather than the back. But, so far i can say that it is working for me once again. :)             

                                                       WEEK FOUR
                                        February 10th, 2013  
                                            (LAST WEEK)                 

These are the most recent pictures of my bottom area while taking the Star Curves Pills. I am now finish with the second bottle. I have ordered two more bottles and i am waiting for them to arrive. Once they do arrive i will be starting a new blog on me using Star Curves for the THIRD TIME!!! (Make Sure You Tune In) 

 Here is a picture for these products i began using on my bottom and tummy area, to lighten the dark spots and try to get rid of the stretch marks. (While Using Star Curves)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Star Curves Journey

Hello Bloggers

 This blog is an Informative blog rather than your Typical blog.

I have recently invested in butt enhancement pills called "Star Curves" which are guaranteed to make your lower body (Butt, Legs and Thighs) Much thicker. The pills are an all natural way to enhance the size of your lower body

 As i searched reviews online to find out if these pills indeed work before i invested the amount that the company was asking for, my options of opinions were very limited. So my full intentions with this blog is to answer any questions of interest about the supplements.

In this blog i will include before and after photos
 * Weekly and Bi Weekly updates and photos
 * Side effects if any
 * And whatever other questions and opinions i can offer

I have received my Pills on February 21st 2012 and will begin taking them on February 22th 2012.
While taking these supplements i will be on a no white Carb diet and daily workout routine

 I hope to bring Guidance and answer many unanswered questions pertaining to the Star Curves supplements 


These are all before pictures prior to me using Star Curves pills. Within a week or two of me using the supplements, i will update with a much recent picture of my results! Wish me luck and don't hesitate to ask me any questions! 

March 1st 2012
Week One 
 Please excuse the dark areas, I am also using a dark spot remover to lighten those areas.
So far I haven't experienced any side effects or weight gain. 
March 10th, 2012
Week 2

 Once again i haven't experienced any weight gain or side effects. To me i see a little difference. It feels more jiggly and plumped. Let me know if you guys see a difference so far.

March 27th 2012
 MY DEAREST APOLOGIES for not being on the blog for so long! I had a terrible head cold and whenever i took these pills and my cold medicine, it would make me feel really sick. I'm much better now and I'm taking my final dosage of the Star Curve Pills.

The above pictures are my most recent pictures of my Bottom Area. In my Opinion so far, the Star Curve butt enlargement pills do work. I only used a 1 month supply and i have much more jiggle , body, an amazing grip, and more UMMPHH to my BOOTY. Unfortunately the 1 month supply did not give me the desired booty i wanted. There said to take 1-3 months to give you the results you may want. The price for these are pretty expensive, so i will not be purchasing them again. They do work though because i feel a big difference from what my butt felt and looked like prior to taking the pills. Once i am finished with my Star Curve Supplement, i will begin using another supplement that is also recommended to actually work, but cost much less than Star Curves. Follow My blog on my journey on those pills as well :) <<< STAR CURVES PILLS

I will be posting pictures of my final results once i am done taking the pills.

                                                           August, 12th, 2012

I Promise to all of my Bloggers i did not use any butt enhancement pills for the 5 months i havent been on Star Curves, this is just the continued results.